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Investor Relations

Armada Assets always aims to provide value to our clients by earning their trust and confidence by performing for them. By being a part of us, our clients get a dedicated acco...


Armada Assets adheres to strict internal compliance and money laundering protection rules. These compliance measures help us manage risk and protect our clients, project provi...

Our Approach

Our mission at Armada Assets is to provide private clients access to investment opportunities and options that may have previously been out of their scope whilst maintaining a...

Clients Testimonial

"Armada Assets is a pure facilitator of investments with guaranteed returns substantially surpassing most at minimum risks. This is significant considering the erosion of income from bank interests on which retirees rely for their wellbeing. That 30% of my portfolio investment with them generates 70% of my total portfolio returns is reflective of their performance.....and above all, the client manageress is proactive and ever willing to help with the burden of paperwork."

- N. Tailor

"I got the best personal and professional service from Armada."

- Q. Asif

"Thank you very much for the investment guidance for my hard earned money. I really appreciate your response to every call and answering all my questioned tirelessly.  I am sure that your continued support in the future will be pleasant."

- V. Chaudhari

"My client manager has always provided a professional and personalised service. Was always there when I needed questions answered whether by phone, email or in person and returned calls promptly. The friendly and helpful nature gave me peace of mind and made the process seamless. I have no hesitation in recommending Armada Assets for investments to my family and friends."

- B. Paul

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