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Clients Testimonial

"Armada Assets is a pure facilitator of investments with guaranteed returns substantially surpassing most at minimum risks. This is significant considering the erosion of income from bank interests on which retirees rely for their wellbeing. That 30% of my portfolio investment with them generates 70% of my total portfolio returns is reflective of their performance.....and above all, the client manageress is proactive and ever willing to help with the burden of paperwork."

- N. Tailor

"I got the best personal and professional service from Armada."

- Q. Asif

"Thank you very much for the investment guidance for my hard earned money. I really appreciate your response to every call and answering all my questioned tirelessly.  I am sure that your continued support in the future will be pleasant."

- V. Chaudhari

"My client manager has always provided a professional and personalised service. Was always there when I needed questions answered whether by phone, email or in person and returned calls promptly. The friendly and helpful nature gave me peace of mind and made the process seamless. I have no hesitation in recommending Armada Assets for investments to my family and friends."

- B. Paul


Who is Armada Assests and how can they assist me?

Armada assists client in diversify their portfolio by bringing them simple low risk opportunities with higher yields in ethical and sustainable projects. Armada analyses projects and brings in the best ones to their clients.

What type of projects do we offer?

Projects that offer fixed income returns for short or long term investors. Our core product is fixed income while capital growth and other projects are reserved for our existing clients.

Who will assist me in these projects?

Our team of highly qualified Client managers and analysts help clients every step of the way.

Who takes care of my income and how do i get paid?

Your income is taken care of by the company which owns the investment project. The payments are made to you in your bank account. Armada facilitates the entire process.

Can i get our early or liquidate?

Absolutely. Our projects have an early exit and liquidation options available.