Firstly, Armada Assets are not financial advisors and nor do we offer any financial products. We advise all of our clients to seek their own financial advice to ensure that they fully understand how their decisions might effect their own individual situation. Armada Assets is one of the leading providers of alternative assets based in Sydney, Australia. The team working at the core of Armada Assets is comprised of individuals who have worked in various levels within the alternative assets industry. We assist our clients by offering an alternative that in most cases, outperforms the mainstream assets that are available, along with a helpful and personal relationship.

We only offer a handful of carefully selected projects, which have passed our extensive due-diligence test. As we believe in transparency, a detailed version of our product selection process is available on the product selection process segment of this website.

All the transactions for our projects is handled by experienced law firms who from the point of creating till the sale/purchase of the project are involved in every step of the way.

Our firm directly works with the project leaders and communicates on a regular basis. We make sure we speak with them and get you the most up to date information. Payments are made directly into your bank account.

If you decide to sell your asset at any point, you should contact your account manager either by phone or by email and let them know that you wish to sell. From there onwards, your account manager and our firm will work with you directly on the sale and liquidation of your asset.