Our Firm

In this ever changing financial climate, traditional investments continue to be the bedrock of most private client portfolios. However there are an increasing number of investors who have identified the need to mitigate the risk associated with the traditional markets by diversifying into alternative investment opportunities.

Armada Assets was formed by a team of experts with a combined professional experience of 30 years. Based in Sydney Australia, our team members have a diverse background of promoting a variety of different assets classes all over the world.

In the ever changing and increasingly complex global economic system, investors are faced with tough choices. Markets are volatile and interest rates are set to remain at record lows for some time, increasing the systemic risk profile of portfolios across the board.

We believe in adhering to time tested traditional values in the asset selection process whilst employing an innovative approach to the market. This allows us to offer our clients truly exceptional products with the potential to deliver superior investment returns.

Demand for our type of products have increased dramatically over the last few years as more and more investors are looking to diversify away from the more traditional equity and money markets. These traditional markets have now firmly established itself as volatile and low in yield.

Our focus is for investors to attain outright ownership of their assets. In other words, there are no collective schemes in place, therefore safeguarding the client from potential default risk from the management firm. In turn investors can benefit from lower management fees which also contribute to a higher Return on Investment. Additionally further diversification is achieved, resulting in a lower portfolio risk profile and higher potential overall yields.