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Product Selection Process

Product Selection Process

Now more than ever it is crucial for investors to adhere to a strict due diligence process in identifying potential investment opportunities.

Here at Armada Assets we can appreciate that moving away from the traditional investments can be quite daunting to those who are relatively new to the market. We also recognise that while Investors can see the benefits of non-traditional projects and opportunistic investing, they are sometimes lacking in the ability to source such ventures.

Sourcing the most profitable and upstanding investment opportunities in a timely fashion requires a broad combination of skills. Our partners and the team at Armada Assets are fully equipped to handle this task.

Armada Assets draws on its global partners, creating far reaching capabilities to source investment opportunities. With over 30 years’ combined experience spanning across a diverse range of markets and a passion for exploiting the untapped potential available in the less traditional markets, Armada Assets is the perfect platform to aid in the diversification of your portfolio.

Our analysts always strive to adhere to certain principles in evaluating potential products.

These are:

Legal Robust Structure
It’s of vital importance that any product is delivered to our clients where ownership is confirmed in a robust manner and access to the asset is freely available. We avoid jurisdictions with dubious legal systems and only focus on projects where ownership rights are fully secured.

Experienced Management Team
We all know that the successful outcome of a business is often dependant on the strength of the management team. Our analysts therefore only ever shortlist products that come with a management team with relevant experience in the sector with a proven track record of delivery. Time tested and proven track records are of the utmost importance when we select any products.

Positive sector outlook
In a dynamic global economic environment, high growth sectors change often as the global geopolitical and economic picture evolves. At Armada Assets we maintain a medium- to long term view on a sector’s expected performance and only recommend assets to our clients in areas where growth is expected to remain strong.

Dealing with lesser known asset classes can often be a new experience for many investors. Our team at Armada Assets therefore will only recommend products to our clients for which there are a high degree of transparency on pricing, performance and ultimately exit execution

Strong positive social/environmental impact
The last decade or so has marked a remarkable surge of growth in the newly labelled ‘green’ economy. For investors there are huge potential profits to be made. At Armada Assets we only seek products that positively contribute to the environment and/or has a strong impact on the social well-being of the country or area in which operations take place. This objective is not achieved at the cost of profitability, but rather tends to go hand in hand with one another.

Our aim is to provide high quality products to investors that offer the potential for providing significant returns and also to have the added beneficial effect of positive social upliftment and environmental impact.