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    Armada began in 2013 and since then has worked with hundreds of clients to achieve their income generation goals.

    We match our clients with wealth creation opportunities. Our product range is always evolving depending on project status but we aim to offer our clients high returns and ongoing income at around 10% with strong security.

    Your client manager will outline what we have available verbally and in writing. If you decide a product is appropriate for you, we will manage you through the paperwork and deposit details. Once completed, You will then be paid monthly or quarterly depending on the product into your nominated account- no stress. At the end of the contract your principal funds are returned to you (plus any bonuses and interest already earned). through every step of the journey your dedicated client manager will be there with you to assist you. Of course, this all depends on which product is in play.

    Every project in the world comes with some element of risk. It is up to you to decide if the risk is appropriate for you. We will provide all the relevant documentation and an honest and transparent outline of the risk associated with each product. we always encourage our clients to do their own deep research and due diligence.

    No. We cannot provide you with taxation or financial advice and we strongly encourage our clients to seek qualified, external advice on any wealth creation tool.

    Unfortunately we cannot control what outside elements like competitors say about us on anonymous forums. what we do know is that we have a huge number clients who are extremely happy with our services. Talk to us and make your own determination.

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    For an investment that gives you a range of terms and cashflow options for you and/or your SMSF, please fill in the details to receive information from one of our agents.


    The information provided on this website is not intended to be tax, financial or accounting advice. You are strongly recommended to obtain independent advice from your own tax, financial or accounting professionals as individual tax, GST and/or financial positions may vary.